Super-complexes of adhesion GPCRs published in Nature Com.

Wonderful work from my colleagues in Biochemistry (E. Seiradake Lab) to determine the structure of a GPCR supercomplexe. I used MD simulations to give insights into this very large structure. More info here


My paper on MD simulation to better understand the positioning of the EphA2 Receptor Tyrosine Kinase at the membrane is now published in STRUCTURE journal. It is freely available in Open Access. Cherry on the cake, we made the cover of the February issue (Cover design by Tom Newport)


Review on Gram negative bacteria published in Biophys Journal

Review published in Biophysical Journal on advances in MD simulations to better model membrane of Gram negative bacteria in association with colleagues from Southampton. This work is Open Access so freely available: here

A mutlidisciplinary project published in Nature

A multidisciplinary project combining fluorescence microscopy in vivo and in vitro with MD simulations explains the mechanism of Outer Membrane Proteins recycling in E. Coli. more info:

2 new papers published

2 papers were recently published: a modeling paper about the dynamics of a whole flu virion in STRUCTURE (see here) and the development of a new algorithm to analyse the dynamics of cavities in proteins in Bioinformatics (see here). Both are in open access so freely available.