About me:

I am currently working on membrane systems modeling. There are 2 main axes: 1) I am interested in cell signalling and I am modeling membrane receptors at cell surface. 2) Recently, I have started to model aggregation of porins at the surface of large bacterial membrane patches.

Previously, I finished a postdoc period working in the field of molecular visualization at the CEA (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives, which is a French government-funded technological research organization). I worked on GPU computing for modeling and visualization of huge molecular systems. This work was carried out on big hybrid clusters using combined CPU-GPU technologies (GPGPU). I have evaluated the GPU version of commonly used molecular dynamics codes (for example NAMD and Gromacs) on big clusters.

I have developed new molecular metaphors to better understand the dynamics of the evolution of molecular bonds and the representation of Coarse Grain models using hyperboloids. I am also working on molecular visualization using GPU capabilities.

Nowadays, scientists are using programs which were formerly dedicated to the movie and animation industry (for example Maya or Blender) for incorporating special effects (see www.molecularmovies.com or ref. McGill, Molecular Movies… Coming to a Lecture near you, Cell 2007;133:1127-1132). These animations are also particularly useful for dissemination and education purposes. I am also working on game engine programs in order to implement new molecular representations and render them easier to use.

I have given some lectures on molecular visualization for master students. I am also particularly interested by the link between Art and molecular visualization and modeling (see nice examples here).

Academic Research:

November 2011-Now

Research associate position at the Structural Bioinformatics & Computational Biochemistry group at the University of Oxford, Oxford, UK (more details here). Modeling of Cell Signaling. Membrane proteins aggregation. I am funded by a Welcome Trust grant. I am using molecular visualization as well as high performance computing to better understand complex systems at cell surfaces. Supervisor: Pr. M. S.P. Sansom

February 2010-June 2011

Post-doc position at CEA, Arpajon, France. Visualisation of huge molecular systems (millions of atoms) applied to physics. High performance computing on hybrid clusters (CPUs/GPUs) for molecular dynamics simulations. Supervisor: Dr. J.P. Nominé

August 2009-January 2010
Post-doc position in CNRS laboratory: Laboratoire de Biochimie théorique. IBPC, Paris France. Visualisation of large macromolecular systems using GPU technology apply to structural biology. Interactive Molecular Dynamics simulations. Supervisor: Dr. M. Baaden

October 2005-January 2009
PhD Thesis: "Towards an interactive tool for the protein docking" in LORIA (Laboratoire Lorrain de Recherche en Informatique et ses Applications), UMR 7503, Nancy, France. Supervisors: Dr B. Maigret and Dr B. Levy


2004-2005 Completed third year in a national college of agronomical and food processing industries engineering. Special field bioinformatics which was performed in three national colleges of engineering: "Les mines de Nancy", "ENSIC" (a national college of chemical engineering) and "ENSAIA". Obtaining the engineer grade.

2002-2004 Completed first and second years in a national college of agronomical and food processing industries engineering: ENSAIA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Agronomie et d'Industrie Alimentaire), Nancy, France. Obtaining the degree of graduate in engineering.

2000-2002 Completed first and Second year advanced biology class preparing to the "Grandes Ecoles" (engineer schools), Lycée Pierre de Fermat, Toulouse, France.

2000 Passed A-level (Baccalauréat scientifique; option Mathématiques; mention Bien), Montauban, France.