Multiscale modelling of actin filaments

We are currently seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow who will be mentored by Dr. Matthieu Chavent (IPBS, Toulouse, France) and Pr. Jean-Philip Piquemal (Sorbonne University, Paris, France). The researcher will be hosted in Dr Chavent’s lab in Toulouse and will regularly visit Prof Piquemal in Paris. The postdoc will be funded for 2 years with a possibility of extension starting January 2021.


The goal of this project is to investigate, at the atomistic level, the mechanics of actin filaments and understand how external forces can modulate them. To do that, the candidate will perform high performance computing of polarizable forcefield using Tinker-HP [1], atomistic simulations, and up to coarse-grain models [2]. The results will then be combined to numerical and analytical models developed by our collaborator Dr Dmitrieff to design new mesoscale models [3]. The models will be validated at different scales by our collaborator experimentalists (see bellow).

Team and collaborations:

The fellow will be hosted in the team of Dr. Matthieu Chavent in Toulouse, south west of France. The IPBS and the Toulouse Paul Sabatier University nearby host teams constituted by both experimental and theoretical researchers with a long collaborative and interdisciplinary history, which will be beneficial for researchers working at the interface of mathematics, informatics and structural biology. Development and applications of polarizable forcefield will be done in the team of Pr. Jean-Philip Piquemal at Sorbonne University, Paris, France.
Close collaborations will be established with Dr. Serge Dmitrieff (Institut Jacques Monod, Paris) to refine its meso-scale models of actin filaments and develop a multiscale framework to link polarizable simulations up to mesoscale model. The multiscale modeling strategy will be validated thanks to interactions with Antoine Jégou and Guillaume Romet-Lemonne team (Institut Jacques Monod, Paris, France) and Renaud Poincloux team (IPBS, Toulouse, France).

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Email: matthieu (dot) chavent (at) Email: jean-philip (dot piquemal (at)